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Analysis of Spreadable Media Artefacts

Artefact 1 – Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them Mobile Phone Filmed Video – October Uploaded onto new Ammediacy You Tube and promoted on Twitter using #Fantastic Beasts hashtags and Reddit via Fantastic Beasts forums. Analytics The video was … Continue reading

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In Game Photography (IGP)

What is it? Just in case you don’t know, David Guilmore who writes for Motherboard ( provides a brief description of in game photography, or IGP for short: It is when a player documents a moment or scene from inside a … Continue reading

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My Digital Identity

It is a bit of strange situation to be in when you find yourself being both a student and a tutor. This is the second time that I have found myself in this position, first of all when I completed … Continue reading

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This last piece of spreadable media had to link to my research project, so if you have read previous blogs you will know that this is looking at emerging photography and social engagement online. After my attempt at using 360 … Continue reading

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Artefact 2

As most people are, I am still feeling slightly shocked about the American elections and the other events and milestones that have happened this year…let’s face it it has been a turbulent year. I decided to use this dismay to influence my … Continue reading

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BBC Work Placement

I have spent the last two weeks at BBC Radio 4 Drama  so have been busy learning the different jobs and skills needed to work in this industry. It has been pretty hectic! I have helped with studio recordings and … Continue reading

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Participatory Culture

We have been introduced to the concept of participatory culture and how people can unite online. This post is just my thoughts on it. People can connect through lots of different potential content online. It could be via gifs or … Continue reading

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