Analysis of Spreadable Media Artefacts

Artefact 1 – Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them Mobile Phone Filmed Video – October

Uploaded onto new Ammediacy You Tube and promoted on Twitter using #Fantastic Beasts hashtags and Reddit via Fantastic Beasts forums.


The video was popular pretty much equally between the UK and USA with a few random people from the Dominican Republic, Belgium and Spain.

Over half of the viewers came from external sources, so either Reddit or Twitter, with the rest coming from different You Tube sources, mainly playlists, but with some from channels and suggested videos:


Although most people didn’t make it to the end of the video, stopping halfway through. This was at the exact point the first creature segment finishes and the next creature is introduced. The video on average was watched up to 35 seconds, maybe the mockumentary element was not interesting enough to keep viewers for the whole duration!


Further Sharing/Spreading

This was re-tweeted and liked a couple of times



I found opportunities to keep this active online and to spread it further, for instance via a local Manchester social company promoting the film a couple of weeks after uploading:

city life.JPG

Areas for Improvement

I think I put this online a bit too early and didn’t find the peak time of when it was trending. I thought that there would have been more interest prior to the film release date, November 18th. People were excited to see it, but it didn’t intensify until the week or so before, specifically coverage in the press and online to tap into the anticipation of the fans.


This was quite a modest success when you consider the limited network that I had to spread this on, my Twitter followers had not reached 10 at this point. The viewing figures have since increased steadily and slowly since initially spreading it online (5 or so each week) as the film has continued to screen in cinemas.

It isn’t dead yet….but is slowly fading away into the social ether.

Artefact 2 – Memberberries Video Remix – November

Uploaded onto new Ammediacy You Tube and promoted on Twitter using #South Park, #Memberberries, #Trump and other hashtags from other remix content, such as Walking Dead and Reddit South Park and Trump forums.


The UK and USA watched the video again, but it was less poplar in the latter. I have relatives in Turkey, so this explains  views from here, but am not sure where the people from the USA Czech Republic or Canada are picking up the video from.


This video was appreciated by a very male dominated audience, whereas Fantastic Beasts was much more equal in its gender distribution. Maybe more boys eat member berries?!


Further Sharing/Spreading

This time the video was liked and shared three times on You Tube, compared to no activity for Fantastic Beasts.


It was also picked up by random people outside of my network in this country and in Amsterdam where I got my first mention on Twitter:




It resulted in my most popular tweet EVER with 839 impressions, people must need cheering up on a Monday morning!


Areas for Improvement

It had a quick initial sharing success, the numbers went up quickly in the first 5 days, but after the Trump election drama calmed down views just kind of stopped and haven’t really moved since, despite efforts to re-spark interest. So it peaked at 53 and officially gave up, like most things during middle age.


It seemed a popular video amongst Twitter that sparked the imagination of a few people on the back of a bad year for news, with some independent sharing, but ultimately if it doesn’t spread it is dead, which this now is. Roll on 2017.

Artefact 3 – 360 Photography Panoramas – December

These 360 tests were uploaded onto Flickr and promoted on Twitter under the #360 photography and little #planet hashtag.


I also uploaded these images into 360 groups for further exposure:


This was a new Flickr page that I set up and these results are based on just less than 2 weeks worth of online exposure:

Little Planet image – This was viewed 32 times on Flickr – This seemed to be the most popular image of all of them on here and on Twitter.

Crosby Panorama – This was viewed 13 times on Flickr – This was my favourite image so I was surprised it was significantly less popular than the other two.

Ainsdale Beach Panorama – This was viewed 31 times on Flickr – This was the second favourite image of the trio.

I have had 1 follower since creating the account and been asked to join on group, so maybe when more pictures are uploaded my traffic will increase.

Further Sharing/Spreading

My photograph of me taking photographs before I made the actual photographs seemed to be popular, with this Tweet gaining 235 impressions:



My little Planet became my top Media Tweet with 129 impressions:


It was made a favourite on Flickr:


And re-tweeted:


Areas for Improvement

I think that is difficult to upload VR pictures online, you seem to either need an app, specialist software, a paid plug-in,  or know coding to be able to upload them for interactive viewing. It would have been nice to have them as interactive images instead of static, maybe next time when I have less of a strict schedule to adhere to I can experiment a bit more!


For the short time they were online they have received attention, but in terms on views they have been the least successful of my spreadable media artefacts. The numbers will most likely flat line now, but in terms of improving stats for my Flickr I just need to add more images to keep people interested in the page, which I intend to do!



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