Artefact 2

As most people are, I am still feeling slightly shocked about the American elections and the other events and milestones that have happened this year…let’s face it it has been a turbulent year.

I decided to use this dismay to influence my next spreadable media artefact. I wanted to make a comical, but serious remix about the elections and other events of the year in the hope that this tapped into the mood of online communities.

I love South Park and think that their satirical take on the elections is really spot on via the member berries plot. It has become a popular trend online and has spread as a meme. I saw that the member berries have a couple of Twitter pages  #memberberries and thought it would be a good idea to use them to inform the content for my video.

Like this one:


I scrolled through the popular tweets of the past couple of months, each comment in the video is a genuine tweet of what people member (remember) and what they are talking about online.

I also went to a meme generator to make this for my video intro:


I then found related creative commons images online linked to the tweets to form the visuals for my video. This became the remix content of 2016 with a mixture of serious and funny members from the year.


I then finished it off with another meme generated caption:


There were a lot of inappropriate members which I omitted. We have had a lot of negativity already this year, so hopefully this video will be a bit of light, but serious, relief for online users.

Please check out my remix artefact online on YouTube, Twitter etc….enjoy and please share!

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