BBC Work Placement

I have spent the last two weeks at BBC Radio 4 Drama  so have been busy learning the different jobs and skills needed to work in this industry.


It has been pretty hectic! I have helped with studio recordings and edits of different shows, on both the technical and production co-ordination side. I have been working with scripts, helping producers with new projects and meeting famous people along the way.  I can’t discuss the specifics as a lot of it has not aired yet!

It has been great to see that the audio technologies I learned on my course and my previous employment has quickly helped me to adapt. I have been able to slot in to the working days quite easily and get the most out of the experience.

Thanks to the BBC radio 4 team for the chance to build upon my CV 🙂

Will miss my desk:


……Plus the may lovely cups of tea and cakes I consumed.


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