Artefact 1

I have been tasked with making a one minute film to spread online on social media and to track its progress around the world wide web.

To make my film popular it was recommended that I link it to something popular and current, in order to get more people interested in watching and sharing my video.

Therefore I decided to link my film to the new Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which is released Mid-November. Hopefully my film would tap into the fan anticipation and Potter fans would like it and pass it round the muggle world!


I looked up the beasts that were listed as living in the UK, what classification they were and what their traits and nastiness included. I used this information to create a fake short 1920’s documentary about how to find the monsters and dispose of them. This was filmed locally in Manchester parks and in my back garden where these creatures are described as living.


I borrowed a mobile phone filming kit which included a Sony Cybershot DSC-XQ10 mobile lens and brought a mobile phone fish eye lens. I used both of these for filming and edited in an un-mobile friendly way via Premiere to make it look from the 1920’s.

Here is the video…enjoy…and please share it if you like it! It is on YouTube and Twitter under ammediacy:

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