Uni Research Project

For my MSc I have to design a small-scale research project, which is part of my Research in Emerging Technologies module. As well as exploring tech and making things to test online (which is admittedly the fun part) I have to write a 3000-word academic journal paper on a question I am interested in.

After lots of thought into what I could do, such as levels of fear and anxiety in horror games and film, video game live streaming, wearable tech and lots of other areas, I decided to explore virtual reality. This is mainly due to it being an area that I want to and need to know more about as well as start using in my work…got to keep up with the new trends.

However, it is such as big area of emerging and developing technology so I needed to narrow my focus. I initially started looking at EVERYTHING as there is quite a lot of research out there already and I found it all really interesting. So I started bookmarking each and very site I looked at…. I soon realised this wasn’t going to help me and as a result decided to concentrate on just photography and VR. This was purely because we had started to look at it in our class workshops and I had fallen out of love with photography recently. Maybe 360 and VR was going to help get my enthusiasm for it back?

I really like the interesting VR content that is starting to be used, such as this in the Guardian:


(I know this is a 3D modeled cell, but it could have been done with photographs).

So this is what I am going to propose as my research question:

How is 360 and virtual reality technology photography influencing people’s perception and experience of photography online in comparison to traditional digital photography?

The purpose of this question is to consider if developing 360, in-game and virtual reality technology photography is changing people’s perception of what photography can be and if their experience of how they produce and share it online differs to that of traditional photography.


(Image: James Pollock)

These are emerging areas of technology that have quickly become popular as part of online presence, social media, mobile technology and how people share their lives. It is no longer the self-portrait selfie that dominates what online photography can be, it is more about how new technology can help to construct visual online identities and communicate personal experiences. This is what I would like to explore through my research project.

More information and research to follow…

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